Tracey Jones Storylines Edit

Tracey Jones (nee McConnel) born 1st December 1975 first appeared on Sunset valley in February 2011. She had many storylines ever since, one of the first ones were when she had a relationship with Jim Green in February and fell pregnant to his baby Adam much to her and his dismay, therefore resulting in giving Adam back to her sister-in-law Cilla's house. Tracey had 2 brothers which were both happily married. Another storyline revolved he getting married to co-worker Ian in a attempt also insult boss Jim (Ex-lover). Also falling pregnant with Ian's baby called Bethany.In early April she was annoyed by bitchy Amanda when she tried to seduce Ian, failing her marriage to Ian in April, resulting in her finding Amanda's Ex-Fiance Fred to flirt with and start a relationship. Much to Tracey's disappointment, the relationship ended and she started another relationship with Claudia's Ex-lover Lee (Claudia bieng Amanda's elder,mature sister). The relationship didn't end well when she proposed, only to find out Amanda had been trying to also flirt with Lee to annoy her sister, ending Tracey's relationship with Lee in disgust. One of the best relationships was with Ken, who Tracey found since they were long-lost lovers.Immediately they got engaged and she gave birth to twins, which made them Tracey's third and fourth child named Emma and Sophiane. On their wedding day in Early April, the wedding went to plan, but at the Leightons household, housing Claudia and her step-mum and dad, the kitchen went up in flames which nearly kills Claudia. In July,she was devastated to find out that Kenneth had died the day after celebrating Bethany's birthday in their fancy house pool, he had drowned.Ian was lost without Tracey and attempted to flirt with Cathlene Green who is married to Jim.Cath responded and they kiss, only to re-acknowledge she is still married. Ian soon found love with Piper Edington and they started a great bond. Another storyline in Sunset Valley,  saw Tracey meet Larrie Mc Cullough, a man who beaten up his Ex-Wife Samantha as a part of a domestic violence storyline which was proven to be lethal in Autumn-Winter time as it became violent .This story started when Tracey had fallen for Larrie and spent about a month in love after she needed his consolidation, and he need her after accusations Samantha made about the attack on her. Ian had married Piper in April 29th 2011, and in July he was cheating with his new lover Becca Price who was Piper's best friend and believe it or not, Tracey. In May, Amanda brought her baby (Garland) in front of Ian's house, which surprised Piper since it really was Ian's child with her.Piper started a bad relationship with Amanda and constantly fought eachother.Ian soon found out that Amanda had died at her step-brother John's household by electricution. On the other hand Tracey was cheating on Larrie after finding a hotspot for Ian again and began a very risky, yet dangerous affair knowing Larrie.It wasn't til Late August. Since Ian had been broken up with Piper for quite some time, Tracey and Piper put the past behind and be-friended eachother and at this stage in August,Piper had broken up with Ian due to his affair with Becca and moved on, but Becca didn't. Becca, who was married to Husband Karl, wasn't even aware of Ian's double affair.Tracey was in a difficult position since Larrie had proposed marriage but rejected it. She soon finally agreed to marrying Larrie when she realised Ian was busy with other women.Soon at Tracey's hendo, she made a mistake by kissing Ian there and when the couple got home, she confessed to Larrie of having a long term affair with Ex-husband Ian, much to his anger and he angrily had a large argument regarding the situation and shoved her to the ground, followed by violently attacking Tracey til she couldn't comprehend. Larrie went up and left Tracey to sleep on the couch of her own house, Ken bought. The following day, Larrie constantly attacked her and she rushed to the phone to call her lover Ian, who came to the scene, also attacked by Larrie.Larrie had told Ian to back off, convinced he still had a chance with her, but not long after they consoled in front of Larrie. Ian had now started a relationship with Becca who at the time was now divorced to Karl, after his affair with Piper ended, but remember there is still Tracey. Tracey stayed concealed and felt trapped at her house. Larrie knew there is no chance and that evening set the lounge alight, setting the downstairs ablaze. Tracey and Larrie realized they were both trapped.The couple survived and Larrie legged it to his Neice Elsie's house, leaving Tracey in dispere. The storyline was only coming to its climax and surely Tracey deserved some happiness.Tracey went to the police and found out that there was nothing Tracey could prove Larrie attacked and burnt down the house. Tracey consoled with good mate Lydia (Becca's Sister) who in September bought the house.Tracey moved in with Ian, but Becca didnt realized that she Moved in until she only suspected there was something going on and the next day, Becca proposed to Ian, an offer Ian had no choice but to take. He also realized that Piper and Becca's Ex-husband Karl were dating, in fact they were doing this to annoy the cheating Ian and Becca who were newly engaged. After being broken up from Karl, Piper revealed that she actually fell for him,but Karl revealed that he was also going out with Claudia.Tracey soon realised there was another woman in Ian's life and soon found out that she had proposed to him.Tracey was constantly convincing Ian to go ahead with the wedding since she knew how Becca may react to the ending of their relationship. Convinced by Tracey, Ian went over there to confide with her and get comfy with Becca.That late afternoon, Tracey saw a figure she could never get out of her head, Larrie was there!

Afraid that Larrie may continue his rage, Tracey made it seem that Ian and Tracey were in a stable relationship, but she couldn't fool Larrie and he took her down again and tried to attack her, just as soon as Ian came to the rescue and fought Larrie away.As things got serious, Tracey had always been confiding with Ian and it made him clear of who he should be with. As ther love increased, Tracey and Ian slept with eachother and few days into late October,Ian made it clear that Tracey was the one for him, when visiting a fiery Becca. Becca was left highy betrayed and mentioned Piper into his love life to reflect on how he was always cheating, when her revealed more about his affair with Ex-Wife Tracey Jones. Ian left Becca gracefully followed by Tracey who got in a fight with Becca. Becca couldn't take it all in and tried to get him back again by mentioning their child Amy,next by trying to floor Tracey who was partly sad for Becca.Becca constantly kept annoying the couple since she wasn't used to the fact that she had no-one to hang on to and a child with no dad for support. Becca's sister Lydia had always hated Becca, so there was no way of going to console with her. Ian found out Tracey could be pregnant with her fifth child,but realized that she was not fertile to conceive another baby for bit of time. Her neglection of normal life left her with no job, as a nurse (previously a Cook). She also insisted to her sister-in-law Cilla to take Adam back, but since there relationship wasn't great, Cilla gave Adam to his dad Jim,much to Tracey's annoyance.

In late November, Ian proposed to Tracey, she took the offer she couldn't refuse.Becca, being a nosey cow, got a sexy outfit and tried to seduce him.Ian didn't fall for the seduction,since they only got round to kiss. Tracey didn't know about the seduction, so things were stable. Ian's eldest son had move out with his mate anyway, so there was enough space for Emma and Sophiane to move in. Tracey was angry with Becca and they got into many fights now and then. Becca soon found love in Steven Maxwell who was new and single, so ended up sleeping with him and came up at his house to continue the relationship.Ian met Becca after a while and it reminded her of their relationship which Becca thought it may continue as she is willing to wait. Tracey met Terry Canning to help him forget about the death of Lee, Chleo and his wife Deena; Deena was attacked by Larrie which leaded to her death. Terry begins dating Piper Jones for company and things start going well for him.The next day coming towards christmas, Becca invited Steve join her and she decided to end their fling much to his dismay, so left he house with a strop. Piper confides with Karl again when he was invited over, they both ended up kissing , but Piper decided it wouldn't be worth having an affair. Tracey also witnessed a fire at the Brown's household that December which killed Lee Canning,William Brown and Fawn Brown before meeting Terry. Tracey and Ian finally re-married eachother in Late December and their great second wedding was interupted by Becca, who had a fight with Tracey and an argument. Becca's best friend Charlene Connor confided with Becca about her relationship with Steve and so Charlene tried to resolve things by telling Steve how Becca feels; though having constantly speaking and consoling with Steven, Charlene made a move on him and tried to start a relationship, so Steve reminded Charlene that She would be jeopardising her friendship with Becca.Charlene met Steve days later and they got feelings for eachother.Then, after inviting Steve over, Charlene dragged him into bed.Whilst Becca having acknowledged about their relationship, went on a rampage after drinking heavily and yelling at Tracey, Ian and Ricky (Lydia's boyfriend) for reasons relevant to family since she had no-one to talk to, let alone someone to love.Tracey and Ian leave for a month and hasn't appeared much during January. Terry feels like he hasn't got much attraction from Piper and yells at her.Soon ,Piper feels like their relationship was based on pity, so breaks the bond between them. Piper goes to Claudia and Karl's house to try to console with Karl, though Claudia is proven to be forceful and doesn't let her in for too long. Following Lydia's broken relationship with Ricky, Becca lets Lydia stay with her and after goes to hang around with love-birds Charlene and Steve.

Charlene soon moves in with Steve with son Ryan and becomes very much un-welcomed by Steve's mum Elizabeth (Liz), and the pair continue to have small arguments. When Becca was left with Steve at his house, Charlene begins to get concerned whether Steve and Becca still had feelings for eachother. Steve's mother Liz finds out that Gregory was cheating with another colleague and kicks him out, then witnesses Greg flirt with Charlene, but maintains their marriage Soon, Liz is concerned when former house resident Bill shows up, wanting to stay with them for a while after he found out his newly wedded wife Samantha had cheated on him and wanted time out. In February, Charlene appears to be very busy and wants time out of the house putting up with Liz, Steve decides to visit Becca and they confide with eachother but is distracted when Tracey makes a un welcomed enterance. That night, Steve is welcomed by Becca and the pair get dangerously close and end up flirting and kissing, which is seen by Liz. The next day, Charlene heads over to her brothers house giving Steve an advantage to make-out with Becca but she decides to take things slowly and realise they need to be with eachother. The next day Steve sneaks out in the morning to spend quality time with Becca and leaves Charlene still in bed. It doesn't take long before Liz realises Steve isn't home and must be at Becca's, so heads over to her house next door and asks Lydia for Becca. While Becca and Steve snog, Liz barges into the room confronting the pair. Liz shouts at the couple and rushes home to tell Charlene, but Charlene thinks it's a practical joke and they argue. When Steven finally comes home, Charlene intimidates Steve and he admits to being with Becca. The pair continue to rectify the situation which leads to a Kiss. Steve uses the love advantage to propose to Charlene while she's in the mood, but she rejects it and had a go at him, for turning the situation around. Charlene knew about the spark between him and Becca and just decides to dump Steve, much to Liz's delight. On the same day that evening, Steve visits Becca and confides with her about Charlene's rejection and they flirt and share a kiss. Steve proposes to go steady with Becca, but even she disagree's and tells him that he is desperate leaving Steve in a sorry state. The next morning, Steve goes back to Becca's and they confide and finally decide to see eachother, as Charlene and Ryan pack bags and leave. That late evening, Becca talks with Ian, but is shouted at by Tracey due to the past. Also, Steve realises Liz and Bill have kissed and slept with eachother causing tension in the house-hold. Days later, Steven confronts a his cheating mother Liz after she comes home after meeting husband Greg, followed by flirting with Bill. Steve and Becca grow much closer and he decides to let her move in with Amy. On the other hand, Bill gets closer with Samantha, but still had feelings for Andrew after sharing a kiss and then telling him to just stay as friends.When Bill's sister Rachel appears seeing them flirt, she gets a bit suspicous and leaves. Liz begins flirting more with Bill and they kiss again while Steve has words with Bill, also Becca begins to get on Liz's bad side. After a few days, Greg goes to flirt with wife Liz, but when Greg's love interest Eleha finds out, she shouts at him, ending their fling. Liz realises that Eleha and Greg were at it most of the time, but after finding out their lust had gone, it made her feel guilty about having an affair with Bill. A few days later, Becca confides with Ian again and have a conversation about their past and Becca begins to flirt, which is rejected by Ian. The moment Ian leaves, Steve shows up wanting to go out for a dance. Steve plans to propose to Becca which Liz knows and she tries to talk him out of it at the party, which doesn't go to her accord. Instead Steve proposes and Becca agrees to their marriage; the couple head to Ian's and Becca announces their engagement, though Ian begins to dislike Steve. On the other hand, Liz goes to see Greg and she is convinced their marriage is safe, until she goes home and is caught flirting with Bill by Fred again. Charlene is left reluctant over her brother Paul's death.

In Early March, Lydia faces money problems since a new couple rent the house and she doesn't get along with Suzanna (one of the buyers), and seeks for getting money.On the other hand, Charlene has an appointment at the city hall, where she meets her long lost adoptive son Alex and tries to get along with him. Her son Ryan begins to deteste him and demands him out the Connor house-hold. Eventually, Charlene decides to enroll Alex into boarding school to remove tension between Ryan and him after talking to mum Helen. Piper re-visites the Jones household, more to see how Tracey had been coping and generally ignored Ex-husband Ian. Becca comes later and has a go at Tracey. Tracey soon finds out that Jeanette Leighton (Claudia's Step-Mum) had died suddenly and confides with Claudia's dad Jonny. Tracey then decides to see Larrie after a long time and she makes it clear she will go to the police over his murders and his murder attempt on her, though Larrie acts all innocent, leaving her confused. She also notices a gun left on his dining table.Tracey head home and considers calling the police, but is allured by Ian into bed. Ian had just come back from Becca's house after he got close with his daughter Amy. Tracey soon realises she's pregnant and announces it to Ian and Lydia. Becca interupts and She kicks her out the house.Tracey decides to go to the police station to report Larrie's abuse, then considers it again thereby coming home again. Tracey is distaught when Larrie shows up at her house. Concerned about Larrie, Tracey follows Larrie to his house but is shocked when her revealed all his attacks on other people, and He threatens her not to tell anyone with a gun in his hand. Larrie tells her to stay til Karyn comes back and when she does, they meet up the next day at the park and talk about Larrie's murder case. That evening, Tracey heads home to Ian, but realises the baby's coming and goes into labour. She gives birth to a boy called Danny. Her ex-lover Jim soon kicks Adam out of this house leaving him homeless. Tracey then confides with Piper about the past and Piper reminds Tracey what Larrie is capable of and to watch out. The morning after, Tracey consoles with Piper over Larrie as things were getting serious. That evening a huge explosion of Larrie's house suggested to of killed Larrie, though in fact Karyn shot him before it went ablaze. Karyn is brought home with Piper and Karyn is left guilty of what she did.On the other hand, Becca refuses letting Lydia stay with her. Ian later arrives at the Maxwell's and is welcomed by a rude Steve and an arguing Liz and Becca, embarrassing Becca. Tracey attends Larrie's funeral and confides with Karyn. Days later, Becca finds a wedding dress and comes home to see Steve and Ian arguing. That evening Liz and Becca also argue when Steve's brother Andy enters the house to see the pair argue. Andy stays over and next morning, realises Mother Liz is cheating with Bill, so goes to see Greg and they console, though Andy doesn't reveal Liz's affair. Lydia pleads Becca for money, making her consider letting her stay with them.Becca later decides to let Lydia stay to annoy Liz, however Lydia begins to fancy Andy and they flirt. Steven continues to warn Ian to stay away in early April while Bill tries hard to put things right with Samantha and Liz. Liz is left anoid after finding out Lydia has moved in and lashes out at the sisters. Andy continues to flirt with Lydia, while Steven has another argument with Ian, which is interrupted by Becca. Becca is anoid over Ian's visits and shows up at his house putting things straight, then lashes out at Tracey. On the other hand, Karyn continues to console with Suzanna, then finds herself being arrested outside her work which had something to do with Larrie's death. Bill and Samantha begin to get close again and he ends the fling between him and Liz, while Lydia and Andy console with eachother and end up on the couch snogging eachother. Both Liz and Becca enter the room finding the pair kiss. Becca is left anoid by Lydia's ways and threatens to kick her out the house, which she eventually does, then slapping Andy across the face. Liz also gets angry at Andy after her compares his relationship with Liz's affair, leading to Liz also slapping Andy. Ian comes to say goodnight to Amy and talks to Becca , while Tracey struggles looking after the kids and then confides with Karyn about her arrest. The next morning, Tracey confides with Jim (Adam's dad) over Adams kick out. Liz goes to Greg's work, to talk to him about things at home, only to persuade him to come home. At Becca's hendo, Lydia continues to allure Andy and Bill gets close to Samantha gain, much to Jane's dismay. As morning approaches, Steve gets anoid of Ian's ways and fights him, which unimpresses a reluctant Becca. Charlene continues to fall out with Ryan while Marya falls out with Trevor, though after a date, he proposes.

On the 12th of April, Steve and Becca plan to marry and Liz tries acting nice to her. At the venue, Bill and Jane face eachother again while Steve meets Charlene and they talk.Liz finds it hard to make amends with Charlene, though happens to get closer with husband Greg.The next day after the marriage, Steve follows Becca (who is going to Ian's) and she confides with Ian. Steve thinks something is going on and attacks him to the ground and leggs it home. Becca, wanting to spend time with Steve, offers Ian a deal for him to pay to keep Amy at his house. Ian agrees and follows her home to get Amy, whilst Tracey had plans to let son Adam in her house after he was kicked out and he arrives when Amy comes home. Tracey is left confused and realises she's going to stay, much to her dissapointment. Tracey argues with Ian over the problem and yells at him. The next morning, Tracey is bothered by Danny Jones and thinks she cant keep him here with so many children which is when former sister-in-law Cilla organises to take Danny home with her, which Tracey agrees to. On the other hand, Andrew prepares to let Samantha know about Bill's affair with Liz. Once Andrew tells Samantha,Samantha doesn't believe it and thinks its a way for her to take him back. Soon Tracey visits Cilla to check up on Danny while she realises Andrew and Cilla have split up. Tracey is shocked while Becca, on the other hand, confides with Charlene over Steve. Samantha is left so angry she calls Andrew over so she can have a go at him leading to Samantha and Bill growing closer. Samantha has been left so anoid by Andrew's accusation, she calls the police on them and the next morning they arrive. The police see Cilla with Danny and immediately question her. Later on that day, Cilla goes out with Tracey and they talk, while at home, Andrew witnesses a social worker take Danny away from the premesis revealing they are putting him into care.Cilla and Andrew argue and she later tells Tracey who rushes to the scene, while Andrew rushes off to Samantha's since Cilla found her outside their house last night. Andrew puts the blame on her and tells her to stay away. On the other hand, Lydia flirts with Andy and annoys Ex-boyfriend Ricky by snogging Andy's face, much to Becca and Steve's dismay. Suzanna argues with Carla, then flirts with Sam in a bedroom, though her rejects leaving her devestated. She meets up with Karyn then turns on her saying that she will tell all of Karyn's dirty secrets to Sam unless Suzi pays up. Greg plans to move back in with the rest of the Maxwell's after talking to Liz and Eleha. Upon his return, Andrew follows Liz back from his house ans exposes to Greg that Liz and Bill were having an affair. Liz tries defending the issue, then admits to sleeping with Bill. All four argue and eventually, Greg decides to divorce Liz. Becca meets Ian again and asks for more money as Steve gets suspicious and asks him to leave. A distraught Greg finds a bar and drinks heavily while Liz meets Samantha at the park to confide with, though Samantha isn't interested, nor does she know about the affair. Bill shows up asking to move back in with her after Greg demands him out the house. Liz also decides to drink at the local bar and meets Greg. They talk Divorce and end up arguing though Greg considers she stays rather than moving out for the benefit of their sons. Liz also confides with Steve. The next day, Andrew tries making amends with Samantha while Cilla talks to Tracey. Bill shows up at Samantha's to move in and argues with Andrew for wrecking Liz and Greg's marriage. They fight. Cilla begins to realise Tracey could of been using her and argues with Tracey, then asking her to leave. The next day Tracey and Cilla try their best to get back Danny, while Andrew warns Bill and Samantha. Suzanna eventually spills the truth out to Sam and he has a go at Karyn over her breif affair with Larrie.Becca gets annoyed as Steve demands to know more about Amy's whereabouts, as Greg can't sleep over the recent divorce and head to the bar. That morning, Greg lashes out at Liz and finds Samantha to reveal the affair to, but stopped by Liz. Steve questions Becca on Amy as her begins to get suspicous. Greg tells Samantha and Liz ties her best to stop the argument enlarging. Bill then confesses after Greg and Liz leave and Samantha decides to move in with Eileen. She meets Andrew and apologises for her actions.Tracey again cant cope with too many kids and goes to the bar with Cilla. Cilla decides to let Tracey stay until things at home get better. A drunk-ish Tracey then lashes out at Ian, blaming him. Tracey continues to get angry at Ian and soon lashes on Cilla. Andrew decides to see Samantha, but Tracey arrives and reflects to her what has recently happened regarding Danny. Similarly, Tracey gets suspicious over Andrew and Samantha's relationship.On the other hand, Jane begins to hate Larrie's daughter Monica, while Jane also gets along with Carla again. That evening, Karyn's cousin Shelly Ursine arrives, meeting up with her parents and getting on the wrong side of the bitchy Eleha. Karyn and Sam both get along with Shelly, while Piper and Terry console with eachother on the couch but leads to a kiss. Piper panics and tells him to leave. The next day, Liz consoles in Bill telling eachother to move on, but then Greg arrives, thinking there is something still going on and lashes out at the couple. Greg gets so angry at Liz, he smacks her then kicks her out the house. Becca meets up with Ian to get more of his money, but when Liz shows up, Becca thinks she's being nosey and tell her to piss off. Ian arrives at Becca's but Steve has a go at him, wanting to know more about Amy. Steve later visits him again but Ian won't talk.Piper tells Terry that the kiss was a mis-understanding, while Sam continues to seek comfort in Shelly after drinking at the local bar. Eleha and re-united boyfriend Derek come to see Ellie and Max Smith's new salon and Derek considers working there. Eleha sees a homeless Liz and lashes out at her. Piper is annoyed when Jeff comes to claim their house, since it used to be him; Piper tells him to leave. On the other hand, Marya and Charlotte meet mum Ellie, but Charlotte isn't as interested. In May, Andy gets to know Cara, while Lydia continues to get angry at Becca since she can't seem to accept Lydia and Andy's relationship. Lydia asks Andy to move in and her does, only fall out over their relationship. Marya feels Trevor is too into business with Carla, that she lashes at him, only to be angered by Carla and Trevor, so Marya confides with her mum Ellie. As Suzanna and Lydia continue to get angry at eachother, Andy seeks confidation in sister-in-law Becca, though when Lydia arrives it makes their conversation turns argumentative. Andy comes home to an angry Lydia and they both have a big argument, so Andy drinks and heads to the bar where he meets Cara. Andy and Cara console in eachother and ending up making out and sleeping with eachother. The next morning, Andy grows more attracted to girlfriend Lydia and makes up with her, so arranges a meeting point for him to break his relationship with Cara. Cara doesn't take it well and that evening speaks to Lydia and confides in Andy, scarring him into thinking she'l tell all to Lydia. Karyn receives more bribes of Suzi while Sam begins an affair with Shelly. Sam and Shelly's affair continues but Sam stops it to be closer with wife Karyn. Karyn is soon convinced to tell the police and pay Suzanna and they both leave, as Karyn grabs the gun on her way out. At the police station, Karyn becomes scared and Suzanna gets even more tempered. After convincing Suzi to go to the graveyard, both women argue and try sorting things out. Suzanna calls the cops while Piper realises the gun at home has dissapeared. Suzanna and Karyn fight ans when Piper comes to the graveyard, she witnesses Karyn shoot her. The police arrive and take Karyn away for questioning leaving Piper in dispair. After Karyn is let off, She comes home and has an immence argument with Piper, then then next day revealing she also shot Larrie. Piper begins to hate Karyn while Sam continues to cheer her up. Sam argues with Shelly as she blames Karyn for Suzanna's death and Sam decides to end their fling. Tracey confides in Karyn after Karyn gives birth to Bobby Atkins. Tracey also gets really close with Ian again and catches Andrew and Samantha consoling with eachother, then argues with Samantha.

In June, Tracey discovers Andrew and Samantha have become really close after they spend all night out. Tracey also wants to know about Amy's home and gets into an argument with Becca. An angry Tracey meets Ian and they both yell at eachother since she isn't getting any anwers. Piper grows more angry at Karyn at Suzanna's funeral as Karyn confides in Tracey. Greg isn't having a good day and takes things out on Eleha then wacks her. She complains and Greg is sacked, so her confides in Ex-Wife Liz and gives her another chance, much to Steve and Becca's dismay. The next day, Liz persuades Greg to apologise, so he does, which also turns into an argument. Liz befriends Ellie and they go to her husband's Salon, while Becca argues with Tracey warning her to keep out of her and Ian's business. In anger, Tracey sorts things out with Becca and visits Ian to get the truth. Ian doesn't mentions the payments, instead they argue. At the Atkins, Piper, Karyn and Sam end up in a tensionable arguemnt where Piper reveals what Karyn did to Larrie and Suzi. In disgust, Sam leaves the house and insists on re-visiting his love for Shelly. Barry finds out about wife Cara's one night stand with Andy from Laura, then meets Andy and intimidates him. Cara later meets Andy which Barry sees and confronts the two. They both go home and express their real feelings which stress Barry. Barry then divorces Cara. Andrew continues his affair with Samantha before all of his and Cilla's children come back. This makes Tracey consider whether she should leave the family and then tells Ian that she's coming back. Cara asks Andy for money to buy a new house for her and the kids to move into, but an annoyed Barry thinks they are talking about something else, and confronts them. Barry consoles in sister Laura. On the other hand, Tracey decides to come home the next day after confiding with Cilla, while Andrew continues to snogg Samantha. Ian and Becca are discussing their dodgy deal when Tracey walks in to the house. Tracey demands an explaination which she doesn't get and argues with the couple. Tracey gets mad with Becca after she leaves, leaving Ian to confess their deal. Tracey is so angry, she meets Becca and yells at her damanding the truth, but when Becca tries exposing her parenting skills, Tracey slaps her. Becca is then comforted with Steve, who doesn't no anything yet. When Tracey comes home, she and Ian continue to argue. She meets with Cilla at a bar and they talk. Ian is on his way home,and bumps into Ex-lover and friend Cathlene, they console. Tracey and Ian argue over the same situation when her gets home, then she realises Steve doesn't know, and tells him. After Tracey explains, Steve doesn't believe her and goes home, and Tracey follows. She teels him its true leaving Steve in a cross state of mind. The next day, Ian meets up with Becca to tell her he wants his money back, after he spoke with Tracey. Becca refuses and leaves. Cara leaves home with the kids leaving Barry really annoyed. Few days later, Becca argues with Ian after finding out Tracey told Steve about the deal. When Becca gets home, she is scolded by Steve , which annoys Becca even more. Both of them went to Ian's house to settle their differences. Steve consoled and got close to Amy , while Becca and Tracey argued. On the other hand, Greg finds Eleha,and they talk about their fling, which leads to an arguement. Later, after talking to Ellie, Liz joins their conversation, making Eleha worked up and they yell at eachother. Liz warns Eleha to keep away from Greg, believing Greg may fall for Liz again. That night, Steve calls Amy out of the Jones house encouraging her to come home. Amy does go back to the Maxwells, concerning Becca who has an arguement with Steve. Cara goes a rampage , annoying Ex husband Barry and Andy. She tries to flirt with Andy in a drunk state, after insulting Liz and Becca, then comes home to the kids (who are concerned).Cara then drops asleep after a pillow fight with son Peter. The next day Cara feel drunk. On the other hand, Eleha gets angry over Derek finding out about her kiss with Arnold, leading her to eventually slagging off Greg. Liz warns her to stop, but in an arguement later, Eleha slaps her. Ian and Tracey realise Amy is at the Maxwells and goes to collect her, but they are stopped by Becca and Steve who reject giving her back. When Ian offers more money, Steve gets upset and scolds Becca that their deal was so wrong. After arguing with Liz, Eleha thinks she has pushed her limit and in response, Eleha hits Liz, knocking her unconcious.Eleha runs to Greg in the house. Greg relies on Eleha to wait til Liz come back, but ends up sleeping on the couch. The next morning, Greg questions Eleha, then looks for Liz, also checking Lydia's home. Eleha runs to Liz's unconcious body, where Greg runs to them to. Greg calls the police and they question him, as Eleha runs away. Greg and Liz go hospital while Steve and Becca talk about her ordeal. After finding out she's okay, Liz finds Samantha outside and they talk.Eleha meets a distressed fiance Derek as they console about their relationship. Liz and Greg show up ganging up against Eleha, with Liz taunting her. On the day before Eleha's wedding, The bachelor party is ruined when Eleha and Liz annoy eachother and when Eleha picks on everyone. Derek is left embarressed. That night, they reconcile and try for a baby. The next morning, Derek confides in Imelda about marrying Eleha, and Arnold prepares to take Eleha to the venue. Eleha and Derek marry, but she gets rude to some guests. Derek leaves her and goes to the Edingtons to stay while Arnold talks sense into Eleha. Eleha tries flirting again and then it gets violent. In self defence, Arnold grabs a tool and hits her with it, causing her to die. Both Arnold and Derek share the bad news and are questioned. Arnold faces alot of guilt, while Laura continues to confront Cara and brings back Barry's kids home. Cara hints out to Lydia that she slept with Andy, after Lydia walked into her conversation with him and Cara. Andy later confesses and thy both argue, as Lydia begins confiding in Ex-boyfriend Ricky.One evening, Barry shows up at her house and she kicks him out, while Laura waits inside her house. Laura and Cara argue, whcih turns violent. They both yell at each other then fight. After the fight Cara hits Laura, knocking her unconcious. Cara then prepares to shoot Laura with the gun on the table, but then sees Barry in his car coming to her house. Instead, Cara kills herself by commiting suicide. When Barry comes into the house, her is shocked and calls the police. On the other hand, Ian and Becca come to an understanding much to Tracey's delight. Liz tries talking to Laura since Andy didn't show up at the funeral. The next day, Ian is shocked to find that Becca won't give Amy or any of the money back which causes an argument between them. Ian consoles in Tracey, then she deicdes to take action. Becca and Steve romance at the local bar before Tracey shows up and they talk. Tracey makes Becca a bribe to leave Ian alone by telling her to flee. Becca refuses and yells at her. On Tracey's way home, while Ian talks to the police officer about their situation, Tracey arrives and interupts the meeting with Becca. The police officer leaves, leaving Ian to takes things out on Becca. After she leaves, Ian turns on Tracey, revealing his chances on owning Amy are nil after Tracey's bribe outburst. Liz consoles a poor Ellie and talks to Derek. Lydia gets jealous as Ricky is flirted with by Elsie. Ian confides in Tracey a day later and after meeting up with Becca, he was angry to realise that Amy was going to stay with Becca for good. Tracey cofides in Karyn and Piper, ans when she comes home, she argues with Ian alot.So Tracey heads over to Cilla's to ask for her to stay, but instead just went to the local bar. Piper's date is interupted by Eve Cole, so Terry goes home angrily as Eve annoys him. Piper yells at her and follows him home. They both get flirty and end up in bed together. Liz consoles an angry Bill over Samantha's pregnancy while Becca, Amy and Steve go to the park. Ian arrives and causes tension among the couple.Becca later finds out about the argument after taling to Ian, where Steve arrives and Causes more trouble.Samantha, on the other hand, gives birth to Stacey Foster, but not knowing who the father is. Ian and Becca arrange an outing with Amy, while Tracey talks to Cilla and an tense Andrew, who could potentially be the father of Stacey. Tracey is annoyed when she finds out Ian was with Becca and they argue. In late August, Charlene confronts Becca over Steve and also argues with a vindictive Liz. The argument is stopped by Trevor who is angry after Marya declared their marriage was over, only to soon seduce Carla.Steve and Becca's conversation is ruined by Ian who wants to go out with Amy and Becca, leading to a heated argument between the men. Liz consoles in Bill after Samantha plotted to leave the valley since she wasn't still sure of the father of Stacey. Greg soon susses out that Liz is at Bill's houseand confronts her, accusing her of wanted to continue her relationship with Bill. The next day, Becca persues her secret plan to go out with Ian and Amy, while Greg yells at Bill and Liz. Ian is annoyed by the secrecy of their plan and argue with Becca. Ian comes home and plots to Tracey a plan to flee with her and Amy, which Tracey disagrees to, then yells at Becca who just arrives at their house.Tracey consoles with Cilla, who persuades her to go along with Ian's plan. Ian is happy when Tracey agrees to it and they talk. Ian and Steve argue the next day while Tracey quizzes Andrew on his brief affair with Samantha. The next day, Becca and Amy collect Ian to secretly go out. Tracey,who is at home, sees Steve knocking at the door asking where Amy and Becca have gone, but Tracey keep quiet while Steve gets annoyd at goes to local park, only to find the trio there. He accuses Becca of cheating and they argue while Ian takes Amy to a distant meeting area ,waiting for Tracey. While Becca and Steve argue, Becca then realises Amy and Ian have gone and straight away rushes to their house. Before she goes there, she meets Cilla who is aware of their plan and tells her what happened as Cilla thinks it was a crazy plan. Becca and Cilla rush to Tracey only to find outs she's packing her clothes. Becca persuades her to not leave an they argue.Tracey turns on Cill for letting the plan slip out. Ian finally sees Tracey's car but also finds out Becca is with Tracey, so lashes out at her for ruining their plan. Becca scolds Ian and Tracey ties comforting Amy. When Steve arrives, Ian realises Amy belongs with Becca and him and Amy talk and say farewell. Tracey and Ian soon try moving ahead to forget what's happened. Few days later, Tracey tries telling Cilla about the flawa of Ian's plan, but she doesn't want to be invovlved in it anymore. Tracey also tries getting Steve to persuade Becca to give Ian's payments back, which leads to an argument with Becca later. Ian decides to see Amy that night, and also talks to Liz again. Cilla and Tracey finally make amends at the bar. Becca consoles in Marya who's marriage is failing and also talks to Charlene. She annoys Ian and Tracey by rubbing in the fact that they won't get Amy back. Andrew talks to Tracey about Samantha who isn't sure about having a scan to see who the father is. Andrew later forces her to find out ,leading to her being stuborn to Liz and Bill, leading to her drinking at the bar, following by having a DNA test. Samantha reveals that Bill's the father much to Andrew's dismay. Piper and Eve have a day out and get along with eachother, when at Home when Karl talks to Her and Claudia sees that, Claudia gets angry at the couple, which makes Eve come downstairs to witness this relationship and gets suspicous.Into September, Piper and Karl go out to the bar and continue to get along, while Karyn arrives from a roaw they had earlier and confronts her. Karyn continues arguing with Shelly and Shelly is comforted by Piper later. When Piper returns home, she is shocked to see Terry there. They kiss and talk about moving in. Piper goes out with Terry, but Karyn is there and causes difficulty between them. Piper then has to explain why Karyn and her don't get along to Terry. She consoles with Eve,while mum Desiree is allured by Jeff who recently re-dating Helen Connor. Piper has a feud moment with Jeff. Tracey, on the other handmeets up with Andrew, when an un-expected Samantha arrives annoying Tracey, as Tracey whines about how Danny was taken into Care. Piper and Karyn have an argument and Terry goes to sleep, but distracted when Piper invites Karl inside the house and talk.Karl mentions love to Piper, leading Terry to confront Karl who then leaves. Piper is demanded an explaination for Karl and she admits that they are not still romantically involved with eachother. Tracey asks to know more about Samantha when talking to Andrew. Few days later, a drunk Shelly makes conversation with Tracey about annoying Derek who was accused of sarting a fire at the Edingtons house. Tracey also comes to talk to Samantha regarding Andrew, but it doesn't go well. Tracey soon talks to a stressed Lydia who isnt able to get access to daughter Faye, while Steve talks to Piper about stuff. Tracey then consoles in Andrew who feels like he's getting closer to Ex-wife Cilla. Piper and Karl go out for a night at the Bar, while Terry worries and asks Karyn for her whereabouts, which Karyn knew due to Shelly being there too. Terry is shocked to find her with Karl and confronts the socialising pair. Piper(on her way out) yells at Eve because she keeps getting in the way of her and Terry. Tracey talks to Karyn about the past, following by Consoling to Cilla about Andrew. That night after Andrew spends time with Clare, he talks to Cilla and they end up kissing o the couch. After sleeping with eachother, Cilla and Andrew romance in the morning and Tracey comes to talk about their fling. Ian soon talks to Andrew regarding getting back with Cilla, while Tracey persuades Cilla to make another go with Andrew, resulting in Cilla and Andrew going out. Later in October,Tracey is annoyed when Ian continues to want custody of Amy and blames Tracey for the results. Tracey suggests he talks to Becca and Steve whcih actally results in him bad mouthing the couple. Convinced Ian wants to be apart of Amy's life, Becca confides in him and Steve talks to Tracey. Ian once again loses his temper and takes it out on Becca following by Tracey who just spoke to Lydia.In discust, Tracey confides in Cilla, while Becca comes to Ian's to sort things out from work at the salon. Instead, Ian calls the cops on Becca just when Tracey comes home. Tracey thinks that things are going out of control and they pair argue repetitively. Ian demands her kicked out, while Tracey volunterily moves out and lives with Cilla. Tracey is happy to see Cilla together with Andrew and then goes to see how Ian is doing. They come to blows again leaving Tracey really annoyed. Cilla talks to Samantha regarding seeing Andrew, but Tracey soon comes and makes the conversation turn into a huge conflicting argument.

Andrew goes out with Clare as Tracey discusses Cilla's relatiosnhip with Andrew.Concerned for Andrew, Tracey goes to see Andrew who is at the local bistro with Clare, Andrew panics seeing Tracey and explains himself while Tracey yells at the couple, then starts talking to Karyn. Andrew leaves with Clare and goes to the bar instead. Tracey informs Cilla about Seeing Andrew with Clare leading to a tense argument. Tracey suggest Cilla proposes to Andrew whcih leads to an even bigger argument. Tracey warns Andrew before talking to Ian who wants her back. Cilla and Andrew argue and Andrew fears the worst as Tracey encourages Cilla to consider Andrew's love. The pair grow closer leading to Andrew proposing and Cilla accepting. Lydia invites Tracey over as Ricky continues alluring new lover Elsie. Tracey confides with her about her daughter. Lydia later finds out from Ricky's mum that Faye has been missing since August and has kept it secret from Lydia and Ricky. Meanwhile, Tracey, Cilla and Piper talk and they go to the bar. Becca shows up ranting about Tracey's breaking relationship leading Tracey to argue with Becca.Andrew meets Clare, as Tracey wanders where Andrew is that evening, so checks Samantha's house. Andrew was arguing with her and both of them where distrupted by Tracey.Tracey tells Cilla about Andrew leading her to doubt there will be a wedding. When Clare later shows up, Cilla quizzes her and Andrew defends her leading Cilla to believe he is back with Samantha and declares the engagement off. Tracey consoles in Andrew and Cilla later. In early November, Becca consoles and tries helping Lydia who found out her child's missing. Lydia also get comfort from Ex Andy. Becca later befriends Shelly Ursine. Meanwhile, Tracey talks to Andrew while he goes out with Clare. Becca and brother-in-law Andy who is also Lydia's Ex confide with Lydia, but Becca beleives Andy doesn't care and looks down at him. Andy complains to Steve leading to an arguement between the three. Liz realises Greg cannot trust her before Greg talks to Derek regarding Eleha's murderer. Steve gets annoyed with Becca after thinking she is harassing Tracey regarding Amy, and confronts her. Becca defends herself and when she comes home, Andy rubbs in the fact that he went to see Lydia. Tracey stays up with Cilla one night waiting for Andrew who was with Clare at the bar. Clare make moves which annoys Andrew. Andrew gets caught up in Arnold's situation and Clare goes to his house, where Tracey finds her. Tracey tells off her and then Andrew while Cilla enthuses about their wedding. On the engagement parrty, Clare flirts with Andy while Tracey annoys her. Andrew and Cilla get along again and flirt making Clare lash out. Throughout the night, Clare continues being difficult leading Cilla to leave and Tracey to tell her off. Andrew comforts Clare while Tracey consoles in Karyn and Laura. Tracey then catches Andrew and Clare kissing and confronts them.Tracey heads back, and Clare makes another move, but this time after the kiss, he yells at her. Tracey cringes when Cilla and Andrew get flirtacious at home, knowing the truth. Meanwhile, Piper and Terry explain themselves to Claudia, and after Terry annoys Eve, in front of everyone, He proposes to Piper and she says 'Yes'. Piper, the next day tries making amends with Karl and Claudia, but eventually, after being happy over the proposal, she lashes out Karl and tells him to leave her alone. Tracey scolds Clare leading her to drink heavily again. Tracey warns Andrew about her, and he floows her to the bar. Over a long convo, Clare gets drunk and kisses Andrew. Andrew responds and they sleep with eachother upstairs of the bar. Andrew realises wha he's done and yells at her again, while Tracey and Cilla visit the wedding venue. Andrew and Clare are again seen together by Bill who just learnt about Clare's scheme, before Cilla allures Andrew. Meanwhile, Lydia asks Andy to help her search for Faye, but Ricky aposes the idea. Becca then consoles with Lydia. Claudia stuggles to believe Karl wasn't having an affair with Ex PiperOn the day before the wedding, Samantha comes over and is annoyed by Cilla. Tracey tells Cilla not to blame Samantha for Andrew's lateness and Tracey heads to the bar, knowing Clare will be with Andrew. Tracey has had enough and yells at both of them.On the wedding day morning, Tracey warns Clare to behave, while Cilla waits for Andrew. Tracey socialises with guest including Ian and Karl while Samantha talks to Eve, Rachel and Ian.When Andrew arrives, Clare stresses to him not to marry Cilla whcih Tracey sees through a window. Clare is upset knowing he will.Guests depart and Liz and Andy remain, leaving Andrew to actually marry Cilla. Before they begin, Tracey exposes the affair to the guests and Cilla. Cilla is annoyed and Andrew tells Cilla to contue to marry. Samantha yells at Clare and Andrew and Cilla marry. Cilla questions Andrew abut Tracey's declaration. Cilla and Tracey leave in disgrace and Samantha slaps Andrew ehn they go to his house and she demands Clare to come home for an explaination. Karl associates with Piper and doesn't get along with Ex-wife Becca. Claudia sees this and tells Eve who tells Karl and Piper. From what Eve said, Karl decided to end their common conversations. Claudia argues with Karl and Karl demands Eve out the house, but she remains. Claudia proposes to leave Karl's house and stay with her dad, and says by to Elle while Karl begs her not to go. Tracey is annoyed when Andrew makes Cilla hate her, so Tracey confronts Clare wanting to know the truth but Clare doesn't admit to having an affair. Cilla gets Angry when Tracey tells her about what she told Clare. Andrew looks smug as Cilla and Samantha begin not trusting Tracey. Karl begs Claudia to come home following by finding Piper in his house. He confides in her , then blames Eve for Claudia's move. Elle consoles Claudia and accidently mentions that Piper was at their home earlier. Karl forgives Eve and lets her stay while Claudia sorts things with Elle and Sean. Tracey is left reeling after Clare gives Andrew hints..Claudia goes ballistic upon finding out son Andre has gone missing, due to Rachel. Tracey again consoles Cilla as Andrew hasn't come back from work and when he does, he tells Tracey privatey to leave and pack bags. Tracey feels insulted and consoles in Ian, then Talks to Piper. Cilla defends Tracey when Andrew gives Tracey an ultamatum, before Andrew spoke and flirted with manipulative Clare.In December, Fred worries more over Andre and continues blaming wife Rachel. Claudia hassles Piper while Eve confides with Jonny over his dead-daughter Amanda.Paula arrives finding Andre and tells him to go back, and Fred is happy and thanks this woman. When Claudia comes to say sorry for their previous argument, Paula runs away and starts a conversation with Sam Atkins. Tracey is immediatley frustrated when Andrew tells Cilla that they should leave the valley, so Tracey confronts Clare suspecting Clare put that idea in Andrew's head before talking to Rachel about it and Bill who wasn't interested. Clare rejects and is mad at Andrew for going ahead with this plan. Clare seduces Andrew in th hope it will change his mind. Tracey later finds out Samantha gave Andrew the idea knowing it will be an incentive. Cilla later talks to Bill regarding the plan. Clare asks Andrew for another alluring snog, and he does, not knowing Clare is filming them together. Tracey gets frustrated as Cilla packs bags and gets ready to leave and tells her to stop, but when Cilla lashes out its made clear she wants to be with Andrew. Andrew and Clare comes to blows as Clare reveals to Andrew she kept a video of their intimacy. Tracey ince again catches them and persuades Cilla to investigate. Cilla does then talk to Samantha before being rudley treated by Clare. Claudia gets along with Karl when she is persuaded to visit by Elle, but Karl is furious when Claudia announces she has no intentions of moving back before Christmas. Becca continues to support Lydia while After a row with Ricky, Lydia is comforted by Andy and they share a kiss. Ricky tries ignoring it while he concentrates on his girlfriend Elsie. The next day Ricky continues to annoy Lydia leading her to sleep with Andy and get back together with him. Tracey is yet again frustated by Andrew and they argue. Andrew demands the video clip Clare took, but This time Clare takes a quick video of Rachel and gives him that and runs to the bar to find Bill and Liz. Samantha is shocked to see Andrew in the lounge watching a video on Rachel and tells him to leave.

On Christmas day, Cilla and Andrew prepare to depart and Andrew is annoyed by Bill when Andrew had come over,while Samantha, Rachel and Tracey have a day at the bar. Later when Cilla and Andrew get ready to go, he gets a call from Clare telling him that she will hand him over the video, however when he gets there , Clare is half dressed on the bed. They argue and Andrew demands the tape. Cilla and Tracey anxiously wait not long before Samantha joins them. Tracey goes on to Samantha how Andrew is most likely to be with Clare and after arguing, they  are left with no choice but to go to the Fosters house. Andrew and Clare continue to argue and Clare slaps him, and Andrew attacks her back trying to snatch the video which her does, but trying to escape, he falls down the stairs and Samantha, Bill, Cilla and Tracey arrrive to the them mess. Samantha yells at Clare while Cilla tells Andrew to hang on, after a while his pulse goes and Andrew dies. Meanwhile on Christmas, Elle eventually confronts Fred and Paula, and Paula reveals she is Claudia's sister, leading Paula to expose their relationship. Rachel is upset and yells at them, then slaps Paula. Paula then is shocked to find out Fred was married and they argue. Fred and Paula continue to argue and Paula speaks to Claudia and she tries making amends. Piper and Claudia have a tensionable chat about Karl while Paula is told to leave by Claudia and Jonny and packs her bags. As Paula prepares to go, Fred reasures her and Paula makes Andre feels special by giving him a christmas present,which Claudia sees, so lets Paula stay.Karyn confides in a sad Tracey and talks to Eve while Sam tries contacting Shelly who left them on Christmas Day. Cilla, Clare and Samantha mourn the loss of Andrew while Samantha demands her to leave them alone now since Clare was at the scene of his death. Although Cilla and Clare argue, they get along at the end of the day, while Rachel yells at Paula before finding out she's here to stay. Rachel and the Fosters and Cilla talk and get along celebrating Andrew's life and Cilla tells Clare to put on a video, but when she does, its the wrong one and she ends up playing the kiss video of her and Andrew. Cilla yells at Clare and slaps her eventually, with a discusted Samantha willing to kick her out. Meanwhile, in January, Piper has another full on arguement with Terry following Claudia's ideas and having Claudia constantly talk to Terry.On the engagement party,Piper dances and has fun with Karl while Claudia and Teryy talk about them and Claudia gives a toast to Terry rather than Piper. Piper gets drunk and badmounths Ian and consoles in Tracey.She yells at Terry bfore talking to Eve and runs home, annoyed thet The wedding date is set. Piper attends Arnold's funeral, while Karyn gets closer to Sam.Tracey comforts Cilla after Clare comes to apologise which goes wrong creating an arguement. Samantha and Tracey talk about Clare while Bill and Samantha's relationship crumbles.Piper takes Karl to her dress fitting instaed of Terry having booked an oppointment with Ellie and Liz the night before, leading Terry to yell at the pair. Tracey is annoyed to see Clre at the McConnel's doorstep and tells her again to stay away, before Tracey tries talking things out with Ian, only to be interupted by Becca who talks to Cilla about Andrew's sudden death. Clare places her and Andrew's intimacy video at Andrew's grave. On Andrew's funeral, Tracey and Ian talk and Ian gets on the wrong side of Steve while Clare taks to Andy. Cilla, during the funeral, visits Andrew's grave and finds the video and Cilla gets annoyed and confronts Clare.As Clare wants no trouble she leave the house, before Samantha stops and questions her. Cilla yells at Clare before Cilla attacks Clare causing a catfight. Clare is told by Tracey to stay away and Cilla calms down. The next day,Tracey talks to Sam about Karyn and Lydia is annoyed by Clare who has been spending time with Andy. Piper books the venue for Terry's sake and meets up with a displeased Karl Cole. The next day, Piper requires Karl's comfort over the upcoming wedding and they eventually end up kissing on the couch, and Karl tells her off after it.Tracey consoles Lydia and talks to Karyn about Sam,while Cilla continues to befriend Cilla. Ian and Tracey enjoy an night out and Tracey also tells Clare to stay away. She isnt happy when she finds the next day that Ian and Becca are talking and lashes out at her. Ian consoles Tracey and they decide Tracey's coming back. As Tracey leaves, she is annoyed to see Becca waiting to talk to Cilla. Tracey gossips to Lydia about Clare while Terry and Piper prepare for a wedding as Eve is conscience that Piper has been in recent contact with Karl. On the wedding day, Piper meets Karl out of nervousness, and Eve sees them. They both end up kissing and Terry is happy that Eve has chosen to escort Piper to the veunue. Having seen them kiss, Eve diverts Piper to the local bar and talks sense into her before getting an angry Piper drunk. Terry waits for Piper and later finds her drunk, asleep at the bar next morning. They argue. When Tracey moves back with Ian, she is annoyed to see Becca getting along with Ian and decides to break the converstaion whcih leads to another arguemnt. An annoyed Ian threatens to move out after arguing with Tracey and Tracey consoles in best friend Karyn. Ian prepares to leaves and Lydia sees him and interrogates him. Ian gets angry and tells her to go. Tracey is in shock when Ian prepares to leave and they argue and console. Becca finds out what happened when Ian seeks confidation in her much to Steve's dismay. Liz helps Greg get a job while getting along with Ellie. The next day, Steve warns Ian to stay away from Becca while Andy tries helping Lydia forget about Clare, but instaed Ricky gets in the way. Tracey is also bothered by Becca who emphisises Ian and Tracey's fall-out. Terry has a major fall-out with Piper leading him to confront a responsible Karl. Terry , Karyn and Piper are all annoyed with Eve who drove Piper away from the venue and getting Piper drunk. Terry threatens to leave Piper while Piper finds out Sam plans to propose to Karyn. Piper manages to stop Terry leaving by mentions that Eve would then win. Piper is comfroted by Ian who talks to Liz about impressing Steve and Becca. Andy is annoyed when Ian barges into the Maxwells and Ian gets a chance to talk to Amy. Steve isn't happy and blames Becca and Andy. When Steve jealously watches Ian and Amy play tag acroos the road, he witnesses Ian sort of save Amy from getting hit by a car and an impressed Steve tells Becca to consider Ian to stay given that he's homeless Due to his revenge on Tracey. Steve talks to Ian at the bar and they put the past behind and Steve lets him stay. Becca isn't so sure and rubs it in Tracey's face. Tracey later tries to reconcile with Ian but it goes down bad. Piper finds out that Eve knew about her kiss with Karl on her wedding day and tells Karl to stay away, before celebrating her future with Terry after they make up.Tracey is suprised to find Karyn whose engaged to Sam and also gets into a row with Clare when talking to Bill about their breaking marriages. Steve tells Tracey that he's getting along with Ian and Ian isn't happy to see his newest best friend with his wife. When Becca find out, she questions Ian on his intentions and lashes out at Tracey. Becca irritates Ian and Tracey leading Ian to yell at her with Steve unaware.Tracey later talks to Ian and as they console, Becca intrudes and creates a scene. Andy talks to Clare and Tracey warns him to stay away from her. In February, Clare contines troubling and alluring Andy causing tension for Lydia, while Cilla consoles in Sam. When Elsie and Lydia both see Andy and Clare flirt, she yells at her and accuses Andy of cheating leading to a destructive arguement at home, where Andy defends himself by suggesting Lydia had been flirting with Ricky. Andy moves in with Ricky and Elsie whcih causes conflict between him and Ricky while Ricky later finds out that Clare loves Andy and in shock persuades Andy to make amends with Lydia only to find out they have. Becca learns that Andy and Lydia have reconciled from Elsie before yelling at Lydia. Steve defends Lydia and consoles her while When Liz prepares Greg for a date with Ellie, she kisses him and his date goes bad. In late February, Claudia is influenced by Terry to come back home which delights Karl, so Karl holds a welcome party. Upon Karl finding out that it was Terry's idea, he consoles in Piper and they almost get close while Ian and Steve talk about Becca and Karl and Steve talk about the party. Tracey talks to Claudia while Karl tells Piper how he feels about her, as Claudia thanks Terry. Karl and Terry argue as Karl comes back fro telling Piper he loves her. Ian and Tracey talk about their relationship while Liz and Greg come to blows over their kiss. Greg reconciles with Ellie and them two kiss much to Liz's dismay.Liz's is horrified to find Ellie and Greg in bed with eachother and they argue. Becca comforts Lydia over her recent realisation of Andy and Steve talks to Tracey about Ian.Liz and Greg argue leading him to threaten to kick her out again.Liz then talks to Ellie, while Tracey talks to Terry. When Terry threatens Karl, Piper is hiding at Karl's house and when Piper confronts him about it, Terry realises she was there and they fall out. Terry talks to Claudia about moving out and gets into an argument with Piper when she sees the two. Piper consoles in Karl telling him she misses him before coming home to argue with Terry. Terry discreetley packs away his clothes. Lydia finds out she has to tell her adoptive son that he is adopted while, Andy is seen with Clare leading to an argument. Andy isnt sure whether the relationship will work. Lydia slaps Paddy in a heated argument and consoles in Clare, while Andy consoles in Elsie. Tracey and Ian fall out, while Steve tries to help him make amends realising he's jealous of Steve. Ellie finds out Liz and Greg kissed after Ellie got close to Greg having spoken to Liz and breaks up the romance with him, leading Greg to question Liz. Tracey learns of Karyn's plan. Ian is pleased when Becca proposes to have a night out which leaves Tracey and Steve concerned, while Liz sees Ellie and Greg make-up, until later when she finishes it with him and confides in Liz. Greg finds out Liz told her and they argue. Lydia has another fallout with Paddy making him want to leave, while Andy consoles in Elsie. After more agro from Paddy, Lydia continues to argue with Paddy, while Tracey comforts a sobre Karyn. Derek and Tracey talk about Karyn while Piper rejects moving in with Terry after finding out he was packing. Piper talks to Karl about heir possible future and Karl rejects it leaving Piper to move in with Terry. Piper talks to Derek about Karyn while Ian manages to persuade Becca to go out again and she does and meets Shelly again and they talk. Liz and Steve prepared dinner, but no-one comes and Liz finds Greg talking to Ellie leaving Greg to accuse Liz of stalking him and they argue. Lydia seeks comfort in Becca and Lydia questions her being with Ian. Liz is annoyed to find Becca and Ian went out and Steve also is not happy. Lydia, wanting Paddy's dissapearence un noticed, consoles in Becca and Andy tries worming his way back in but she pushes him out. Clare talks alot about Andy to Liz and Charlene, while Clare supports a broken Andy at the bar and argues, however Andy then confides in Clare unstairs leading to a kiss and they sleep with eachother, as Andy realises he's made a mistake when he comes home. In early April, Cilla talks to Karl and Piper about her  life following her husbands death while Clare secretly tells Ricky that she slep with Andy and Elsie finds out too. Piper believes that her arguments with Terry will lead to a split and comforts with Karl and they get flirty. Karl and Paula confide and Claudia makes the most of being with Karl much to Piper's dismay. Piper is soon kicked out by Terry when Tommy snitches on her revealing he saw Piper with Karl. Ian and Becca get drunk, leding to argument with Tracey and Ian, and then Becca. Karyn refuses to let Piper stay at hers. Tracey confides with Steve and she suggests to Steve to have kids of his own. Meanwhile, Greg and Ellie continue to work with eachother annoying Liz who later lashes out at Ellie. Ian and Becca confide in eachother concerning Liz who annoys them. Becca is further frustated as Steve suggests having children, so she drinks at the bar with Ian as usual. Piper decides to move in with Karl and family, advised from Eve and she also comes to blows with Becca. Claudia is unhappy with the developement and argues with Karl, so confides with Terry and they kiss. Charlene and Piper confide about Terry. Claudia and Terry come to blows while Lydia tries forgiving Andy for her neglecting behavior and talks to Tracey. Andy yet again sleeps with Clare and they argue when they meets eachother aagin in the bedroom, while Tracey visits Lydia and find Andy and Clare talking together and Andy pleads her not to tell Lydia who then arrives. Lydia contines to confide in Tracey while Andy then starts to cheat on Lydia with Clare. Clare warns Tracey that she saw nothing. Samantha learns what Tracey saw and  gets worried.Meanwhile new residents Jack and Stella move into Derek's old home which annoys Derek. Tracey and Samantha talk about Clare while Steve and Becca argue. Becca runs off going for a drink at the bistro after asking Lydia to join her. Steve blames Ian for taking Becca out, although he didn't and they search for her. Ian aaks Tracey and they get close at the salon while Tracey finds her at the bistro and talks sense int her with Tony.Tracey supports Greg in an arfuemnt with Liz about Ellie as Ellie wants to put the past behind. Steve is greatful to Tracey who manages to take a tipsy Becca home. Tracey and Claudia gossip about Paula buying into the local market.In late April, Becca finds out she'l have trouble having kids and consoles in Steve while Tracey and Ian grow close. Tracey acknowledges Becca's situation from Steve and still finds her at the bar with Ian. Appalled, Tracey tells her to go home and she is annoyed by Liz and Steve. Ian follows and Steve blams him for the mess and punches him. Tracey persuades In to come home, but he rejects. Liz is annoyed to find Ellie and Greg on a date and yells at him after she realises he could be buying into Ellie's salon.Imelda asks Jack to come over for dinner and unaware that Sam and Shelly are returning that evening. Shelly is shocked and runs out being supported by Sam. Ian is provoked by Tracey when he decides to move back following a major row. Tracey confides in Cilla while Ian ensures Becca is ok, however come to blows with Steve. Ian gets drunk at the bar and Tracey waits for him and when he arrives, they get along until Tracey reveals she advised Steve to try for a baby with Becca leading Ian to get annoyed & walks out the house. Ian goes to Cathlene Green leaving neighbours unaware of his whereabouts. Tracey talks to Karyn at the bar while she sees Jim and introduces him to Karyn. Karyn is angered by Derek so has a makeover and goes back to her fiesty self. Tracey is reeling as Cilla tells her she is going to leave. Cath and Jim ignore eachother while Becca helps Tracey search for Ian. Piper is persuaded by Karl to take Terry back ,so Piper tells Terry she's pregnant leaving Terry and Piper to rekindle their engagement. Piper and Terry's reunion leaves Tommy reeling while Piper persuades Karyn to play along with her scam. Piper and Karl discuss their next step while Claudia is unhappy with Terry that he took Piper in again.Karl and Paula discuss money issues. Tracey tells Becca to let her know if she saw Ian while Piper comes to blows with Tommy when he finds out about her pregnancy.Tracey and Karyn discuss her plans Ian gets more drunk with Cathlene and flirts with her, much to her dismay. Tracey talks to Jim before considering leaving with Cilla. Jim has Ian yelling at him and puts him in his place. Tracey confides in Steve while Ian confides to Cath about his breaking marriage. Tracey decides she will leave with Cilla, so plans for Jim to look after the kids. Jim tells Tracey about Ian's outburst leading Tracey to do a police search. Piper and Karl continues their affair while she sponges of Terry. Becca is annoyed by Ex Karl. In May, Tracey tells Kary and Terry's she's leaving while Cilla confides in Samantha about her departure. Tracey tells Jim to look after her kids which annoys him, and she goes home to check the house, however Ian is there and confronts her on where she's going. They argue and Tracey considers leaving.In distress,Ian blames Becca and Tracey cools down the arguement while Ian confronts Cilla. Cilla is shocked to see Ian and they argue following Tracey turning up. Tracey decides not to leading Cilla to also not go and insists her children go on without her. Piper is reeling upon finding out Terry is going with original wedding plans. Karl and Claudia fall out over the money he wants while Piper and Terry's engagement infuriates Tommy. On Piper's engagement party, Karl tries contacting Her and she eventually meets him and they rekindle the affair. Piper tells Terry that she has to go ahead with the wedding and Karl is annoyed and talks to Paula. Piper gets cold feet over the runaway plan and ends the fling with Karl, and consoles in Karyn while Karl gets drunk and annoys Claudia and tells Eve the news.Derek and Sam come to blows. Cilla realises she doesnt own the house and then considers leaving again. Tracey persuades Ian to take them both in, but he isnt sure. Jim confides in Karyn while Tracey confides in Jim. Jim and Cathlene come to blows while Tracey suggest renting out the house to a lodger which Cilla hates but realises its the only option. At Piper and Terry's pre-wedding party, Terry tells Charlene how things are running smoothly while Piper is taunted by Karl over their failing plan. The next day, Piper and Terry prepare to marry while Eve heras from Karl that the escape isnt going ahead and confronts an emotional Piper, however Tommy supports Eve. Karl drinks alot and talks to Derek who gets Sam's daughter Alica drunk. Everyone attends the wedding even Karl who has a word with Piper. Terry and Piper marry following their dance. Karl manages to persuade Piper to runaway with him and they do whcih Tommy sees and Eve distacts him, but not long enough as Piper and Terry pack and visit the hospital. Tommy chases them via car and calls Terry. Piper and Karl stop at a centre where they are surrounded, so Karl decides to run away leaving Piper to face the music. Alicia blames Karyn for her ending up drunk at the park while Clare annoys Tracey and Lydia and blackmails Andy. Jim suggest being the lodger and Tracey doesnt accept but when talking to Karryn, she changes her mind and tells Ian who gets to know Jim. Ian is angry while Jim also tells Cathlene to stay out when she talks to Cilla. Cilla is shocked and confronts Tracey, then accepts Jim.Jim talks to Karyn about Cath.Jim and Cath continue to argue as Cath relaises he's moving for good. Tracey soon learns the problems of their marriage and talks to Jim. Tracey finds out the problems Ian caused to Becca and supports her with Steve forgetting their past. Karyn confides with Jim and Tracey finds Cath and Jim arguing and supports Cath much to Jim's dismay. Piper is interrogated by Terry and Derek and Tommy show their nasty side. Terry tells Claudia about Piper and Karl's plight leading Claudia to confront her and wants to know where Karl is. Piper confesses to have wanted to run away with Karl leaving Terry to console with Charlene.

In Early June, Tracey find Jim comforting Karyn and then meets Becca regarding her adoption procedure. Tracey is angry at Ian for putting Becca through that but they later reconcile and get along. Charlene comforts Terry while Cilla and Cath talk about Jim and meet up at the Bistro. Ian and Cath turn up and Jim and Cath argue making Karyn leave. Tracey blames Ian while she realises Jim is really stressed. Becca and Steve consider adoption when talking to Lydia while Steve thanks Tracey for her support. Ian causes trouble leading Becca to make him face reality. Shelly confides with Piper who Derek teases. Derek talks to Steve about a heavily drinking Alicia while Tracey and Ian talk about another evening out and persuades Jim to come along with Cath, however Jim and Cath argue and Ian hears about it and when Tracey tells Jim to make amends, he cant find Cath at home and instaed tells Karyn to go out. Tracey is annoyed while Jim stresses more. Ian and Tracey talk about a potential move back until Becca arrives distracting Tracey leading Ian to forget about the idea. Jim stresses over Cath's loss with Tracey which Cilla thinks she is getting too close to. Ian supports Cath and learns of her struggles with Jim and lets her secretely stay at his home. Tracey and Cilla confie while the police talk to Jim. Cilla persuades Tracey to go out with Ian feeling she is neglecting him after telling Becca about it, however Ian panics and sends Tracey away after a quick row. Tracey cinfides in Becca about Ian and tells Cilla and Jim she will move back. Jim struggles with Cath's loss and calls the police to get some news. Cilla reminises with Sam and Bill while Cilla is shocoked to find That Jim wants a divorce Cath. Cilla tells Tracey and she speaks to Ian about her plan, and Tracey confronts Jim. Jim is annoyed and explains his situation whcih Tracey offers to help him through it. However, Jim decides to go ahaed with the divorce and Tracey finds out and they argue. Tracey tells Ian she wont move in whcih Ian o okay with but they argue as She feels Ian is trying to neglect her. Becca and Cilla gossip about Ian who eventaully lashes out and Jim defends the girls. Jim drops the divorce papers at Cath's and confides in Tracey. Ian talks to Cath about their next plan.Police tells Jim about any developments. Piper talks to Karl on the mobile which Claudia asks about and Piper goes to meet Karl unaware Claudia follows her. Piper and Karl talk about the money they've made til Claudia confronts them and tells Karl off. Claudia and Karl argue when they get home and Claudia decides to kick him out. Karl asks Jonny to let him stay and he lets him. Karyn goes out with Tracey and Jim, and Sam confronts Karyn telling her to confess leading Alicia astray since Alicia went into care, however Karyn didn't. In July, Ian is interogated by Jim while Jim supports Karyn after she was found innocent by Sam after Derek was caught red-handed by Sam. Jim and Karyn share a kiss. Tracey is annoyed as Karyn gets closer to Jim and talks to Jim about the divorce which hasnt been completed due to Cath's dissapearence. Ian and Cath worry about what to do and Ian takes Cath's mail home.Tracey confides with Steve about Jim and Karyn and then goes to Ian's where she finds divorce papers and questions him. Ian realises he cant say its Cath's so admits to Tracey he was considering Divorce leaving Tracey reeling. Tracey tells Karyn about the fact Harry and Shelly nearly kissed which Karyn uses to blackmail Shelly. Becca apologises to Shelly and Steve and Sam spend time together just the two couples. Becca is fuming when she thinks Ian told Amy to go to his house and yells at him. Jim ends the fling with Karyn seeing how vile she was to Sam and Shelly while Jim sacks Harry due to his attitude. Becca,Lydia, Andy and Steve go out for a meal and get along however Becca is curious of Andy as Clare earlier visited him. Clare shows up again causing family tension. Tracey suddenly realises Karyn being rude to Jim unaware of her previous fling with him.Becca consoles in Charlene about love before Charlene attempts to kiss Terry who has now settled with Piper, so they argue. Tracey talks to Steve about Ian and the Maxwells' prepare for dinner. Lydia and Andy grow close while Becca threatens Andy to stay clear from Clare after she arrives. At dinner,  tension is high between Liz and Ellie and Becca and Andy, following Andy's proposal to Lydia. Liz and Becca question him knowing he is cheating while Greg announces he will move in with Ellie. Tracey talks to Karyn about Jim.In early August, Karyn encourages Stella and Jack to buy into the bistro however they dont and argue about money.Harry gets Karyn to asks Sam and Jim for money and Harry appears rude to ex-boss Jim, so Karyn apologises and they grow close again and continue dating. Harry is reeling and confronts them while Karyn tells him she's backing out. Harry smacks Karyn unconscious and locks her in a dark room to a chair. Jim fretts as Karyn isnt picking up her phone while he informs an angry Tracey of whats is happening between them. Jim confides in Tracey and feels like he's been followed. Jim confides in Sam about Karyn concerning him and not so much Shelly. Sam questions Jack, who questions Harry. Harry cooks up a plan with Karyn and they argue. Shelly is shocked when Harry opens to her about Karyn's whereabouts so Shelly informs Sam. Sam and Jim rush to the scene before the shack explodes into flames. Harry threatens Karyn to keep shut while Sam and Jim fear the worst. Harry hits Karyns when she disagrees and before Harry could do anything, Sam and Jim rush to support her. Harry threatens  Karyn not to tell anyone while Jim becomes apprehensive about being with Karyn due to Tracey's concern. Tracey wants anwers over Ian's divorce papers while Karyn is threatened by Harry and vows to leave causing trouble for Jim and Sam, whom Bobby is given to. Karyn changes her mind after finding out Jim is being stalked. Tracey talks to Samantha before she confides in Jim who's frustated. Tracey and Ian argue over the divorce again before she supports Jim whose stalking becomes more and more frequent, causing relationship troubles for Jim and Karyn. Tracey learns of Andy's betrayal to Lydia. Tracey and Cilla are baffled by the stalker while Jim calls the police which doesnt help. Cilla causes trouble when she suggests Jim moves out. Cilla tells Ian to make an effort with Tracey after Tracey confides in Sam about Karyn and Jim. Ian worrie when Cath carelessly leaves the house and Tracey and Ian frequently come to blows as Tracey finds it hard to absorb the divorce papers When Cath sees Jim and Karyn kiss.Ian tells her to calm down.Jim supports Tracey while Ian stresses and takes it out on Becca who refused to give him Amy, and and takes it out on Cath who fears the hostage scheme isnt working. Lydia is supported by Becca and Tracey after Clare and Andy reunite after their fallout. During mid September, Tracey tells Karyn to support a depressing Jim while Cilla questions Ian on why he was at Cath's house, Cilla reports it to Tracey who interrogates a fragile Ian. Jim starts drinking and Becca influences him and they flirt, so Karyn slaps her. Jim accuses Harry and Ian of being his stalker as he gets calls from unknown numbers.Becca persuades Clare to take in Andy knowing it will spark trouble with Bill and Samantha.Tracey, Jim, Ian and Karyn go out, where Ian proves he's not his stalker.Cilla goes on a dating website and finds Cath on it and informs Tracey while Jim gets drunk over the stalker and wants Cath nack, only to find alcohol at their front door, Karyn tells Sam to look after Bobby, so she can focus on Jim, while Jim tells Sam to investigate, however Sam cant now that he has Bobby and Jim blames Karyn.

In early October, Tracey checks up on Ian who panics as Cath is about to enter, He consoles in Cath and Tracey supports Jim who isnt coping and researches about Cath. Ian and Jim talk about him selling his house whcih Cath hears and mentions latr as Jim is at the door. Ian sends Jim away and confides in Cath and makes a pass at her in an attempt to keep Cath quiet. Cath is annoyed and Ian spikes her drink when she vows to leave making her pass out on the couch, while he explains himself to Tracey and Jim. Tracey worries as he lets Becca for looking after Amy. Tracey confides in Karyn about Ian who arrives and they get along, however worried about the kids, Tracey visits Ian who is fretting as Cath is not at home. Ian releases his anger on Tracey who then demands to take the kids of him. Ian struggles to defend himself as Tracey leaves.Cilla gets to know Jim while Ian finds Cath coming home and yells at her.


Sunset Valley started in February 2011 and was made after Sims 2's "Mountain-ville" which was started in 2008 and ended in 2010. There was a brief show called "Pleasant view" which began in April 2011, then ended in July 2011. Many characters from Mountain-ville had their characters re-created for Sims 3's SunsetValley such as the Mc Connels which consisted of George, Cylivia, Ruth and Jenny. This McConnel family was limited to those four, but when SunsetValley started, They introduced George's brother and family and sister Tracey.

Character DevelopementEdit

Tracey was never an original McConnel member from Sims 2, But Producers were keen on creating a character that was different from the family-associated McConnels. The character was seen to be very promiscuios ipon the start of the show having haring a fling with Jim Green and Ian Jones, later falling preganant with Jim's child they named Adam McConnel. She was forced into the drama of her brothers Andrew and George. George and Cylvia and their kids lived far from the valley, making Tracey stay with broter Andrew and Sister in law Cilla, who she got on with. She married Ian after ther relationship escalated and had Bethany, Tracey's second child while Adam lived with Cath and Jim. After ther marriage broke down, she dated Lee Canning and Fred Leighton, Lee, who she proposed to after she genuinley started falling for him. She lost interest in Lee after finding out he had once been close to Amanda Leighton, the local enemy. Tracey reunited with Ex Kenneth Robertson and married him, as well as having his chidren Sophiane and Emma, however kept her name Jones, hoping to reunite wih Ian. Once Kenn tragically died, she confides in Samantha's Ex husband Larrie, and the pair get engaged soon after. Her feeling for Ian show over time leading to a kiss, and when Larrie finds out,he  tries to attack her and eventually leads to the house being engulfed in flames, and she is saved by Ian. Ian cheats on his wife Piper with Becca Maxwell and also grows close to Tracey again, being her confidont. Ian and Tracy eventually get together much to the dismay of Becca who attempts to ruin their wedding ultimately leading to a catfight between Becca and Tracey after the pair's animosity reached breaking point. Tracey tries to get back at Larrie for his murders and attacks and threatens him, but Larrie's backfiring threats scare Tracey. Once Larrie is killed in a blast, Tracey develops a frienship with Larrie's latest victim Karyn. Tracey and Ian try for another baby naming him Danny, whose later taking into care when Samantha tries to get revenge on Andrew and Danny's welfare is caught in the cross fire. Tracey also suspects her brother andrew is cheating on Cilla with Samantha and warns Samantha away. Tracey is later shocked to discover Ian bought Amy off Becca after the plight over Amy reached a climax, which saw a war brew between the Jones and Maxwells. Tracey bribes Becca to leave whcih causes more trouble. Ian and Tracey decide to flee the valley with Amy and their kids until Cilla slips the plan to Becca and Ian is livid over the situation. Tracey find out Samantha has given birth to Bill's baby, not Andrews and is releived. Tracey and Samantha struggle to see eye to eye, and it hinders her relationship with Ian and Tracey decides to live with the McConnels. Tracey is caught up in a bitter situation with Andrew after seeing him kiss Samantha's stepdaughter Clare Foster, whom of whcih have an affair. When Tracey tries to reveal the affair on the wedding , people dont take her seriously, except Samantha who believes her. Cilla and ndrew plan to leave and he is killed when he falls down the stairs after a fight with Clare over their explicit video. The affair is finally revealed when Clare mistakes the wrong video to show on xmas leading Cilla to slap her. Tracey is finally releived evryone knows she wasnt lying and the funeral takes place where Cilla attacks Clare after Clare attends it. Tracey warns Andy to stay away from Clare which causes many rows between her and Clare. Tracey introduces Jim to Karyn after Cath and Jim start having marriage issues. Tracey and Ian fall out, making Cilla and Tracey decide to leave, but they stay for the kids There is a divorce paper slip up when Cath goes missing and Jim sends divorce papers to the Jones household and Tracey beilives Ian wants to end their marriage. Tracey moves back in with Cilla.

Characters StatusEdit

>Kym Marsh who plays Charlene Connor will take a break later this year

>Laura Atkins has signed a deal to stay in Sunset Valley til July 2014

>Terry Canning's character has a signed a contract which takes him into 2015

>The actress who plays Shelly Ursine has revealed she is leaving the role and will depart of screens by early 2015

>The character of Tony Gordon will bow out the soap this Autumn

> Cylvia  McConnel is air final scenes this x-mas

>Fiona Edington will leave early next year

>Andy Maxwell will make a brief return next year

Upcoming Plots and PlansEdit

> Liz will face a tragic event upon her pregnancy, will she lose her baby?

>Harry Ursine will take back former lover Amanda Leighton causing issues for Laura

>Marc Jackson will string along Cilla who he will start dating, to benefit evil Harry

Summer 2014 Spoilers!Edit

>Samantha and the rest of the Fosters will have alot of drama this summer according to the producer

>Jim becomes more suspicous of flirty Piper and his stalker

>Liz will fall pregnant with Jack's baby, but declares its Greg's

>Tony will do whatever to keep his murder secrets intact

>George and Cylvia return to catch up on family, but theres more that meets the eye

>Sam and Shelly's relationship is at risk again when Harry interferes

Character ImagesEdit